AGI-LITY™ TrainR is a multi-directional training equipment designed to improve the technical, physical and tactical development of athletes by maximising agility, change of direction, speed, balance, skills, quickness, fitness, strength & coordination. It's for ALL sports, ages and ability. 

It's multiple directions enable athletes to practice game-like movements which transforms into improved game-day performances. Designed self-train sessions gives creative freedom to athletes of all ages and ability.   

In addition, Coaches benefit greatly as they are able to design interactive group training session for game-day scenarios while tracking individual player development through home works or assigments. 

In this video, the Striker's movement is pitted against that of the Goalkeeper. He needs to score before the goalkeeper shuffles quickly into position to deny him. Sessions like this are fun, engaging and interactive. 
The coach/trainer can simply create technical or physical homework chALLenges to track or reinforce individual player development This is useful for keeping players fit during off-season, rehabilitaion or in-season 

The need for Speed, Agility, Quickness 

The best athletes in the universe typically possess high level of Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ). 
Agility, especially requires an extremely quick level of reaction to a perceived obstacle. This reaction has to be fluid, balanced, swift, graceful and effortlessly-coordinated during the athlete's rapid movement. These much needed attributes is what AGI-LITY TrainR products are designed to provide in addition to coordination, balance, change of direction and strength.  
Great example of extremely agile athletes are Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, Novak Djokovic, Michael Vick, Neymar Jr, Muhammad Ali, Jonty Rhodes, Antonio Brown, Kobe Bryant, Ilya Kovalchuk, Eden Hazard, Kylian Mbappe etc. Below are selected videos of some fast, quick and extremely agile sportsmen. 

Messi exhibit speed, quickness, balance & extreme agility to evade defenders 

Djokovic displays amazing athleticsm, quickness and agility versus Rafael Nadal 

Defenders feared Michael Vick's acceleration, speed, elusiveness and agility  

Highlights of NBA legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, etc displaying great footwork, elusiveness and agility 

Why AGI-LITY TrainR is unique 

Coordinated movement is key in any sporting activity. The level of every technique or physical advancement is dependent on the quality and time spent on deliberate practice of such movement. Utilising directional aids, AGI-LITY TrainR guides athletes to develop fluid movement required for Technical, Physical and Tactical development. Every possible movement is pre-designed and attempted to achieve quick, balanced, superior technical and physical proficiency transforming to confidence and creativity on game-days. 
AGI-LITY chALLenges can be carried out in Self-Train (solo), Group or Simultaneous Group modes. A chALLenge is the term used to describe AGI-LITY TrainR sessions  
Self-Train or Solo - A player can design a personal chALLenge (or be given homework by a Coach) to improve technical or physical proficiency at home or at a private/public establishment. An example is a situation where a player intends on improving quickness, weak foot/hand dribbles and ball manipulation 
Group - Typically designed by a Coach as group assessment for two or more players to improve their technical, physical or tactical proficiency. For example, a Coach may decide to pair a midfielder and forward to gain better understanding of complimentary movement and telepathy. Two players can also decide on their own to train together on certain technical or physical scenarios. Group chALLenges can be used to generate high tempo movement and pressure which is useful for game-day scenarios. 
Simultaneous Group - This is typically setup in a team training environment where a set of players practice certain movements to compliment or oppose a different set of players. An example is where offensive players work together on dribbling, passing and striking shots at goal while a set of defenders and goalkeeper work on certain movement to deny them penetration. 
Irrespective of the constant, unpredictable movement in sports, there are only four (4) directional movements required by any athlete. 
AGI-LITY TrainR provides them all! Creative combination of these four movement in practice and training leads to increase in speed, quickness, change of direction, dexterity and flexibility. The four directional movements are: 


Function: Proceed straight-on at normal pace along side the edge arrows. 


Function: Make a bending turn at normal pace alongside the edge arrows 


Function: Proceed at the fastest possible speed alongside the edge arrows 


Function: Proceed at 180 degree (half) turn alongside the edge arrows 
4 Sturds detached from 4 pointRs. Attachment is made when the pointR stubs are inserted & locked into the two bi-slots on the Sturds 
4 base studs for field grip minimises feet knock overs and the 3 athlete cut-outs minimise wind blow outs 
To attach, slide and lock the pointR stubs into the bi-slots on the Sturds 
AGI-LITY TrainRs attached 
Create, Setup and Peform an AGI-LITY chALLenge in three (3) easy steps. 
Not only does it encourage creativity, it also lead to new discoveries on how to setup fun, engaging and interactive chALLenges for self, group and simultaneous group trainings. Examples are highligted below. 
1. Create Windy Road chALLenge on paper, computer or digital device. Determine if it will be a solo, group or simultaneous group chALLenge. Determine if the chALLenge will be simple or complex based on the aim and purpose. 
2. Setup the Windy Road chALLenge outdoor/indoor at home, park or at public facilities  
3. Player performs the Windy Road chALLenge based on repetition and time. Download FREE chALLenges like this by clicking this link 
Example of a Twisted Stream Group chALLenge without coaching intervention. Download FREE chALLenges like this by clicking this link 
Example of a Simultaneous Group chALLenge. This one involves the goal keeper performing a GK Shuffle chALLenge for quick feet, set and deny the strikers who are performing the M chALLenge to sharpen their turns, speed, angle of approach to get shots at goal. Both chALLenges are performed at the same time to mimic game-like scenarios. This keeps the players fully engaged while the Coach concentrates on fine-tuning their body mechanics and other important details 
Another example of a Simultaneous chALLenge. The goal keeper works on his shuffles for quick feet, set and deny the backpedalling attempt to strike the ball by the Forwards. The chALLenge creates game like situations where the goalkeeper has to constantly track the Striker's movement by adjusting footwork to quickly close in the gap to deny a goal. Download FREE chALLenges like this by clicking this link 
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